The Quest for John Tully

So, my research takes me far and wide.  A lot of it is as easy as Googling the right names and places, but not all of it.  I have a few sepia toned photos of John Tully and his wife, Rose, Irish immigrants by way of Illinois.  The Tully’s owned a considerable amount of land in Santa Clara Valley in the late 1800’s.  They left large charitable gifts.  I wanted to see if I couldn’t find a more personal tact to the Tully’s Tales.

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I visited the Genealogy Museum nearby where I thought I’d find plenty applicable things.  But no.  I had entered a time warp.


This is a Microfiche something or other.  No, not for looking at little fishies.  But it’s like an original zoomy thing and a manual mouse.  It was like if a computer and a Ouija board got married.  The Microfiche was simple and intuitive to use.

But back to the Tully’s from Evergreen.  Quite a popular last name and without a middle initial, I’m a little lost.  Some references I knew were to my man, but I’m looking for pictures, not written documents.  Specifically, I’d love to find portraits of my key players.

These items and references are in a bigger museum in Sacramento, so it’s just as well.  I’m going to photograph their old residence, but it’s not in Evergreen.  I called publications and sites that referenced them in articles to request a contact, but to no avail.  The Tully trail has gone cold for now.

I may end up there at the Genealogy Museum in Sac, but I’ll have to settle for the imagery I already have for the Tully’s, pictured in the upper right with their Evergreen Eucalyptus trees on their ranch off Tully Road.  It was already an artistic piece of photography.



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